Library Card
What do I need to present in order for me to have a Library card?
> The following are the requirements for the issuance of library cards:

1. Congressional Staff
a. Letter of Endorsement of House Member
b. Two (2) recent ID pictures (1×1 size)
c. Valid House ID

2. Contractuals
a. Photocopy of latest Contract of Service
b. Two (2) recent ID pictures (1×1 size)

3. Secretariat
a. Surrender the OLD library card
b. Two (2) recent ID pictures (1×1 size)
c. Valid House ID

What are the dates of the newspapers archived in the Library?
> The Library only keeps the present year’s newspapers and the past 3 years in our newspaper archives. The library weeds out newspapers that are older than those dates to save physical space. However, an index for some of House-related articles published in the newspapers for the previous years are available via our library system which is accessible only within the library.

News Clippings
Does the library clip news articles?
The Library does a selective indexing of news articles. However, the Library stopped the cut-and-paste method of news clipping since the news articles are indexed online, meaning, the articles’ webpages/weblinks are saved within the Library’s library system (Libro MyRizal Library System). However, the Library, at the start of the 15th Congress, shifted to this blog site to bookmark and access news articles shared by the different local online newspaper websites.  Any researcher can access the blog and view details of legislative-related news articles he/she needs. The library also offers an emailing service of news articles on particular subjects available in the library. The links are sent to the researcher via email so he/she has to open the article/s in a new webpage/tab. There are still several physical news clippings that are available, however, these are old news articles  dating 2010 below.


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