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Vigilia, W. & Lagusad, R. (2019, July 17). Binay seeks ouster of ‘Kid’ Peña. Malaya Business Insight. Retrieved July 17, 2019 from

Binay seeks ouster of ‘Kid’ Peña

FORMER Vice President Jejomar Binay yesterday accused Rep. Romulo “Kid” Peña of vote-buying and of manipulating precinct proceedings as he filed an electoral protest before the House of Representatives Electoral Tribunal (HRET).

Peña beat Binay by 5,806 votes in Makati City’s congressional race in the first district. Based on the Certificates of Canvass, Peña garnered 71,035 votes against Binay’s 65,229 votes.

Binay, through his lawyers, asked the HRET to order the conduct of a manual recount of the ballots cast and other election documents in all 235 protested clustered precincts.

The HRET is composed of six congressmen and three Supreme Court justices who will be designated by the Chief Justice.

“This election protest is not filed out of spite. It is a challenge to uncover the TRUE will of the people, the voters of Makati City,” Binay said in his 70-page protest.

Considering the “slim margin” of 5,806 between their vote counts, Binay said the votes in contest are “crucially determinative” of who is the true representative of Makati’s first district.

“As it is, the proclamation of (Peña) was based on figures plagued by mysteries… the (congressional contest) was marred by various manifestations of fraud, anomalies, irregularities and statistical improbabilities,” Binay said.

“There were simply numerous reports of machine malfunction, voter disenfranchisement, and other issues pertaining to widespread fraud,” Binay added.

He said vote-counting machines (VCMs) allegedly failed to transmit the results from many clustered precincts that supposedly resulted to approximately 9,050 votes “disenfranchised to be Null/Misread Votes.”

He likewise accused Peña’s camp of manipulating precinct proceedings and “engaging in rampant vote-buying.”

He alleged Peña’s camp paid P500 to P2,000 to voters for them to vote for their candidate or anyone else but Binay.

Binay also questioned the election results in each of the 235 clustered precincts, citing several grounds that include various election irregularities committed allegedly by the camp of Peña; the brownout that occurred in the barangays of San Antonio, Bangkal, and San Isidro; the irregularities in the canvassing of votes in the protested precincts and the errors in the scanning of ballots or counting of the votes cast in the ballot by the VCM.

It also pointed to the discrepancy between the total number of votes cast for both candidates and the total number of valid ballots counted, the failure of the Electoral Boards to replace official ballots rejected by the VCMs, the failure of several VCMs to print ballot receipts and several compact flash (CF) cards in the VCM were reconfigured immediately after the elections were closed.

He likewise complained that the Commission on Elections (Comelec) failed to provide the complete copies of the certified true copies of Statement of Votes (SOVs) for 85 out of the 235 clustered precincts that functioned during the elections.

“While the overall objective of the automated elections is to facilitate the swift transmission of election results, this should not divert the electorate of the concerned legislative district and insult the sanctity of the right to suffrage,” Binay argued.

“No less than the President (Duterte) himself publicly stated his displeasure with the conduct of the 2019 midterm elections,” he added.

Binay’s original ballot was rejected multiple times by the VCM when he cast his vote last May 13, prompting him to rush to the Comelec office in Pasay City to complain about the incident.

He was given a second ballot that was eventually accepted by the VCM.

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