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Reuters & Montemayor, J. (2019, July 12). UN launches probe into PH drug war deaths. Malaya Business Insight. Retrieved July 13, 2019 from https://www.malaya.com.ph/business-news/news/un-launches-probe-ph-drug-war-deaths

UN launches probe into PH drug war deaths
July 12, 2019

GENEVA. – The United Nations Human Rights Council agreed on Thursday to set up a preliminary UN investigation into thousands of killings in the Philippines so-called “war on drugs.”

In Manila, Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. rejected the resolution and belittled its adoption.

“No effect. Such resolutions especially those passed by a tiny minority can and will be ignored. No consequences. On the other hand, the initiative to insult the Philippines with the assumption without proof that it commits gross abuses there will be far reaching consequences,” he said.

The resolution, brought by Iceland, was adopted by a vote of 18 countries in favor, 14 against (including China), with 15 abstentions (including Japan) at the 47-member forum in Geneva.
Iceland’s resolution expresses concern over alleged rights violations in Philippines and requests the UN human rights office to present a comprehensive report on human rights in the Philippines to the council in June next year. It also calls on the Philippine government to cooperate with UN human rights mechanisms and experts.

President Duterte, prior to the adoption of the resolution, said he wants to first hear the “purpose” of the UNHRC should they decide to visit the country.

“Let them state their purpose and I will,” the President said, without elaborating, when asked if it would allow the UN body to visit the Philippines.

Locsin said the Philippines “rejects” the resolution.

“It cannot, in good conscience, abide by it. We will not accept a politically partisan and one-sided resolution, so detached from the truth on the ground. It comes straight from the mouth of the Queen in Alice in Wonderland, `First the judgment, then the proof,’” he said.

Locsin said the resolution “was not universally adopted” and therefore, “its validity is highly questionable.”

“It does not represent the will of the Council, much less that of the developing countries who are always the target of such resolutions. Western countries pushed for this resolution in the confidence that the world has forgotten what they did and what should have been done to them had there been a Human Rights Council. It was pushed with the arrogance that developing countries must not stand up to them even if we can and as we hereby do. There will be consequences,” he also said.

Human Rights Watch said the adoption of the resolution “is crucial for holding the government accountable for thousands of drug war killings and other abuses.”

The Iceland-drafted resolution, which was co-sponsored by 27 other member-states of the UN, aims to investigate the alleged killing of thousands of people in connection with President Duterte’s war against illegal drugs and seeks the Philippines cooperation in the probe. – Reuters and Jocelyn Montemayor

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