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November 15, 2018

IMELDA Marcos must have known it was coming sooner or later. ​After all, two former presidents have been arrested, booked for criminal wrongdoing and endured detentions.  Even in hospitals, the personal and public humiliations of Erap and GMA were palpable. Yet, it seems unreal that after 27 long years the Sandiganbayan has finally come to its senses to serve its lofty but elusive goal of vindicating the Filipino people.  Imelda’s incarceration comes at a time when the Marcos name is less disgraced and when a son, without the benefit of any remorse, may yet claim the vice presidency. Suffering from premature dementia, many people were waylaid by a history rewrite that strove to bury, along with the remains of the hated dictator, the boundless brutality and unrestrained plunder of a conjugal regime.

When it came to Mrs. Marcos, her pending court cases had been blurred both by time and by the real intention of the court that attempts to supplant the exigencies of history. And, now she faces not public contempt, but pity. It now seems stunning in a country that basks in selective justice that the power and might which the former First Lady still commands will be thrown in jail.  Mrs. Marcos’ talent for crocodile tears may finally be replaced by real torments streaming down her derma-stretched cheeks.

But, Christmas is much in the air and surely the Sandiganbayan has not lost touch of the holiday advantage of timing. The anti-graft court should have picked All Saints’ Day or All Souls’ Day as the occasion for her conviction in keeping with the otherwise dreary circumstances of her fate. But, this exceptional season of merriment raises the sense of wicked entitlements to occasionally unthinkable degrees of gratification and greed.

Of course, the rest of us are all too familiar with the forms they have taken from legal machinations, actual pay-offs to political trade-offs, threats and unsolved homicides that undergird the life of our courts. Is there also an unfolding scenario that projects her hapless condition as a vital contribution to the political fortunes of Bongbong to influence both the Supreme Court and the public in his electoral protest against Leni Robredo?

PNP Chief Oscar Albayalde is not about to prove to all and sundry that the PNP is committed to do its job to enforce her lawful arrest, which will amount to the PNP losing its face.  The last thing Albayalde wants in his hands are wrenching scenes of a bent and aging Mrs. Marcos being fingerprinted and having her mug shots taken which are splashed over all the primetime TV newscasts and on the front pages of all major dailies.

Even the news media, especially the broadcast networks, have fallen unwilling preys to the helplessly humane and submitted to the cause of the battered, the aging and infirmed, despite the contrary examples of injustice and oppression their lives have displayed.

*** It is almost unheard of that the government has sought out a talented inventor, helped him develop and funded his skills towards his innovative breakthroughs. Many years ago, the inventor of a water-powered car, a certain Danny Dingel, found no takers in the government for his remarkable invention.  After five years of being the subject of a run-around and repeated insinuations of bribery from government agencies, he finally relented to an irresistible offer of Volvo to sell his ‘technology.”

Just three months ago, the local inventor of a “flying” car ignored by the government finally found a partner and investor in an Argentinian company for further research, development and manufacturing. His innovation powered by an electric battery that climbs about twenty feet and travels for almost three kilometers was featured in a major TV newscast.

Another pioneering Filipino in the field of public vehicles modernization is appealing to the government to give priority and support for local inventions and innovations.  Engineer Youseff Ahmad, a naturalized Filipino, is chairman of Le’Guider International Electronic Assembly Phils. that produces locally-crafted e- bus and other electric vehicles. The company has completed all government requirements such as actual tests and evaluation for the modernization program of jeepneys and buses and yet, it seems to be at the mercy of bureaucrats who, Ammad claims, continue to favor imported electric vehicles.

After refusing a proposed a $3-billion partnership with a US consortium, he is still hoping for a break in his talks with government officials. The company’s e-bus is yet the largest ever that sits 62 passengers and can negotiate steep mountainous slopes easily. He is now challenging the Board of Investments, Department of Energy, Department of Trade and Industry and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to conduct actual comparative tests with his e-Bus and other electric vehicles along with the government’s preferred imported vehicles. This is something indeed the news. media should anticipate soon.

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