Senate to admonish ‘talkative’ Duterte | The Manila Times Online

Senate to admonish ‘talkative’ Duterte | The Manila Times Online


Antiporda, J. (2016, October 18). Senate to admonish ‘talkative’ Duterte. The Manila Times. Retrieved October 18, 2016 from

THE Senate Committee on Justice and Human Rights may clear President Rodrigo Duterte of any involvement in the spate of killings but it may admonish him for being too talkative.

The committee, chaired by Sen. Richard Gordon, has finished the first draft of its report and is expected complete the final draft on or before Wednesday.

“We will go over the first draft, then we will go over the second draft and hopefully [we can finish it]as early as tomorrow or as late as Wednesday,” Gordon told reporters in an interview.

Gordon said the committee was able to establish that killings are widespread but this is nothing new considering that there are also a number of killings in the past that remained unsolved.

However, the killings took on more prominence because the President is too noisy.

“There’s a statement to that effect cautioning him (Duterte), admonishing him,” Gordon said.

The senator had criticized Duterte for publicly expressing his desire to kill all those involved in illegal drugs.
Gordon said Duterte’s statements may be used against him by the International Criminal Court (ICC).

“Sa akin, as a general rule, walang may gusto sa atin, mapapahiya ang buong Pilipinas, Kaya (for me as a general rule, nobody wants the Philippines to be embarrassed) so have to caution him (Duterte),” he added.

The committee report will also recommend the filing of perjury and possibly murder charges against confessed hitman Edgar Matobato.

Gordon said Matobato’s statements were not believable because there were inconsistencies.

“There could be perjury at the least. And for the most we might look for murder charges against him (Matobato) because he admitted [killing several people],” Gordon noted.

He said the Philippine National Police (PNP) should also be held accountable because many policemen were involved in the killings.

“I really think merong pagkukulang ang PNP (PNP has a lot of shortcomings). Naniniwala ako maraming pulis involved diyan (I believe that many policemen are involved [in the killings]. It’s not state sponsored, sila mismo gumagalaw (They are the ones carrying out the killings),” Gordon added.

The committee, he added, was not able to establish the existence of the so-called Davao death squad, a group allegedly created by Duterte to kill criminals in Davao City.

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